Accessibility Best Practices

Digital accessibility best practices when working with text, images, and other media.


Accessibility practices exhibit variability based on context and are in a constant state of evolution. Recognizing the absence of a universal solution, we acknowledge that accessibility is a nuanced and perpetual journey. Our commitment aligns with established principles outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), forming the bedrock for our implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) in digital environments. It is essential to appreciate the diversity of experiences among individuals with disabilities, influenced by numerous factors. Consequently, our approach to accessibility must be contextual, ongoing, reflective, and must consistently prioritize user experiences. The practices outlined in the following topics will help you achieve these objectives in the digital content you create.


Describe Images Using Text

Write alternative text descriptions for images in your digital content.

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Choose Colours and Contrast Carefully

Select colours that provide enough contrast and do not use only colour to convey information.

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Structure with Headings and Lists

Use different heading styles and lists to help organize information into meaningful sections and a logical structure.

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Provide Accessible Alternatives for Audio/Video

Use captions to provide a timed text-based version of the soundtrack.

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Write Descriptions for Links

Use descriptive text for hyperlinks that communicates the purpose or function of the hyperlink as part of the link name.

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Make Digital Forms Accessible

Create forms that include features such as labeled fields, adaptable presentation, grouped elements, and validation features.

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Make Math Equations Accessible

Use tools that make mathematic and scientific equations accessible.

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Make Content Keyboard Accessible

Ensure all content can be accessed with the keyboard alone.

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Resources for Accessibility Best Practices

Links, checklists, and sources of additional information.

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